Welcome to the MUSC Proteogenomics Facility          

The MUSC ProteoGenomics Facility was established in 2003 by the late Dr. W.Scott Argraves and offers a range of protein-related and genomics services to the MUSC research community as well as to outside academic and corporate researchers.

Genomics related services include:

  • Qualitative analysis of RNA (i.e., Agilent Lab-on-a-chip Bioanalyzer)
  • DNA microarray based whole transcriptome and miRNA expression profiling, SNP and ChIP-Chip analysis
  • Real time PCR
  • Next generation sequencing (i.e., Ion Torrent PGM) for RNA-seq, resequencing and ChIP-seq applications   
  • Bioinformatics services for analysis of DNA microarray and next generation sequencing data and web-based archiving of data
  • Cytogenetics microarray analysis (CytoScan® HD Cytogenetics

The MUSC Proteogenomics Facility is supported through a combination of institutional funds , funds from NIH grants as well as fees for services rendered. Currently the facility is support by two NIH grants: 1) the NIH/NCRR South Carolina COBRE for Cardiovascular Disease (NIH/NIGMS GM103342), and 2) the South Carolina IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) (NIH/NIGMS GM103499).

Important Note: All users of the Facility should first register through iLabSolutions web site (link below) before sign up and use of all Facility equipment and services. https://musc.ilabsolutions.com/service_center/show_external/3196