PGM - MUSC ProteoGenomics Facility

Next Generation Sequencing

The Proteogenomics core now provides high throughput sequencing with the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM™). The Ion Torrent PGM offers Next Generation Sequencing at an affordable price. Clients may choose between three chips that have different levels of sequence output: the 314 chip (>20Mb sequence), 316 chip (>100Mb) or 318 chip (~1Gb output). The platform currently supports single end sequencing and paired-end by design sequencing, with average read length of 200b-400b. Ion sequence is rated as highly accurate and competitive with other bench top platforms (>99.99% consensus and >99.6% raw).

Applications include:

About Ion Torrent NGS Technology:

The Ion Torrent PGM pairs natural sequencing chemistry with semiconductor technology resulting in a revolutionary sequencing process without fluorescence, enzymatic cascades, or optics. When a polymerase incorporates a nucleotide into a strand of DNA, a hydrogen ion is released resulting in a pH change. Ion Torrent captures this process in a massively parallel way using DNA loaded Ion Spheres™ on a high density array of wells atop a proprietary Ion sensor.