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The facility provides biomolecular interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology for members of the MUSC research community as well as to outside academic and corporate researchers. After planning experimentation with investigators, the facility technician will perform SPR analyses on a BIAcore 3000 instrument.

Fees for Surface Plasmon Resonance (Biacore) Services

  Academic/Core Non Academic
Set-up (Immobilization plus pH Scouting) $80 $250
Full Day (2 Regeneration Scouting assays plus 2 Dilution Series assays) $60 405
Consultation or Data Analysis (half day duration) 0 $50/Hr

1, pricing does not include the cost of Biacore chips. Contact facility personnel to obtain vendor pricing.


BIAcore BIAcore 3000 SPR analyzer: The BIAcore 3000 system is a SPR-based system that performs real time biomolecular interaction and kinetic analysis (e.g., receptor-ligand, antibody-antigen, protein-DNA).
Description of SPR Technology: Click here for a description of SPR technology by Biacore Inc.

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