Welcome to ArrayQuest - Ver 2.00, 11/28/05
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ArrayQuest™ is a web-accessible program for the analysis of DNA microarray data (Argraves et al., 2005). ArrayQuest™ is designed to apply any type of DNA microarray analysis program executable on a Linux system (i.e., Bioconductor statistical and graphical methods written in R as well as BioPerl and C++ based scripts) to DNA microarray data stored in the MUSC DNA Microarray Database, the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) or in a password protected private database uploaded to the center point server. ArrayQuest analyses are performed on a computer cluster.

ArrayQuest™ implementation at MUSC DNA Microarray and Bioinformatics Facility is supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute (R24CA095841), the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (P20RR016434) and funds from the University Research Resource Foundation. ArrayQuest™ (© 2004) is a product of ProSoft Systems.