Welcome to the MUSC DNA Microarray Database and Project Management System
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uArrayDB Logo Welcome to the Medical University of South Carolina DNA Microarray Project Management System and the MUSC DNA Microarray Database. The database is a repository for DNA microarray data generated by MUSC investigators as well as researchers in the global research community. At the discretion of the contributors, DNA microarray data is placed into the public domain and can be viewed and freely downloaded via the web interface. A manuscript has been published that describes the MUSC DNA Microarray Database (Argraves et al., 2003). ...more
The MUSC DNA Microarray and Bioinformatics Facility is supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute (R24CA095841) and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (P20RR016434) as well as funds from the University Research Resource Foundation. µArrayDB™ (© 2002) is a product of ProSoft Systems.