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Bio-Plex 200 Multiplex System

The Bio-Plex system is a flexible, easy-to-use Luminex-based multiplex analysis system that permits the BIAcoresimultaneous analysis of up to 100 different biomolecules (i.e., proteins, peptides, or nucleic acids) in a single microplate well. For example, by multiplexing with the Bio-Plex system, researchers can quantify levels of cytokines and phosphoproteins in small volume samples (50 ul), as well as microRNAs. The reader combines two lasers, fluidics, and real-time digital signal processing to distinguish up to 100 different sets of color-coded polystyrene beads, each bearing a different assay. The microplate platform allows the automated analysis of 96-well plates with a throughput of about 4200 data points per plate.

Multiplex bead array analysis of phosphoprotein, cytokine or microRNAs

The Proteogenomics Facility operates a BioRad Bio-Plex 200 System which combines flow cytometry with dual red and green lasers for simultaneous bead and reporter detection with up to 100 uniquely identifiable fluorescently labeled microspheres. Facility personnel provide multiplex analysis services allowing researchers to quantify levels of cytokines and phosphoproteins and microRNAs. The facilty provides pre-experiment consultation on the use of multiplex bead array technology. For phosphoprotein or cytokine analysis of cell or tissue lysates, users provide facility personnel with lysates prepared using lysis buffers that are compatible with the desired phosphoprotein target assay. Biological fluids such as serum can also be provided to the core for analysis. Facility personnel will then perform all subsequent steps to acquire data. Fees include a charge back for all reagents consumed during the course of the phosphoprotein or cytokine detection assays.

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Fees for Multiplex Bead Array (Bio-plex) Services

Academic/core Non Academic
Cell Signalling (analysis of up to 96-wells) $30 $205
Cytokine assay (analysis of 49 to 96-wells) $50 $285
User independent operation of the instrumentation $30 $55

1, pricing does not include the cost of assay kit reagents (i.e., assay plates, antibodies and extraction buffer). Contact facility personnel to obtain vendor pricing.